Freitag, 21. April 2017

Caleta Valdes y Trelew, Chubut

Hoooola everyone!

After nearly 2000km in 2 weeks we arrived in Chubut, Argentina. Enjoying the picturesque Peninsula Valdes Brunhilde lost one of his wheels and got stuck in the middle of nowhere. Adopted by the Parkrangers, we spent nearly 2 weeks on the Peninsula because the roads were closed due to heavy rains in Argentina. With the Rangers' help we could 'heal' Brunhilde and moved on to Trelew. As always, I spread the word of Neuroscience and met Mirta Anton who is now arranging a Conference in Trelew the 28th of April. Looking forward to giving my first official presentation in Spanish.

Después de casi 2000km en 2 semanas, llegamos en Chubut, Argentina. Disfrutando el paisaje halucinante de la Península Valdes la Brunhilde perdió una de sus ruedas y estabamos perdidos en el medio the nada. Adoptados de los Guardafaunas pasabamos casi 2 semanas en la Península por las rutas que fueron cerradas por lluvias graves. Con la ayuda de las Guardafaunas 'curamos' a la Brunhilde y seguimos en nuestro viaje a Trelew. Como siempre propagé las Neurosciencias y asi encontramos a Mirta Anton. Ella está organizando ahora una conferencia en Trelew el 28 de abril. Me alegro mucho de dar mi primera presentación oficial en Español. 

Caleta Valdes

Samstag, 25. März 2017

Montevideo - La Segunda

Hoooola everyone. Back in Montevideo we had to split up the team for a while as the buying process of 'Brunhilde' took a bit longer than expected. But luckily, the waiting time coincided with the beginning of the Brain Week in MV (click here). In a flew market like atmosphere, kids could visit stands to learn sth about Neuroscience. With the help of Sofia Letaief and Alejandra Mondino the BYB NeuroTour stand attracted a lot of people fascinated by the Human-Human-Interface.

Additionally, I visited the Hospital de Clinicas where I teamed up with doctors to record uterine contractions in an noninvasive manner using the BYB muscle spikerbox. In the same floor this was done for the first time over 60 years ago by Roberto Caldeyro Barcia which added a historical background to this incredible experience. This might be the beginning of a collaboration with Prof. Jose Diaz who explained to me the possible usage BYB equipment in Perinatology.
After 7 wonderful weeks in MVideo, I managed to prepare 'Brunhilde' for the adventure Patagonia.

Uterine Contractions!!!!


Buenos Aires

Waiting for our ride 'Brunhilde' to get prepared for the long trip to Patagonia, we had some time to visit the beautiful and gigantic city of Buenos Aires. There, we demonstrated how the handy BYB equipment could improve student courses at the University of Buenos Aires and the St. Andrew's Scots School. Many thanks to Daniel Tomsic and Patricia Benmergui for the invitations. During the stay in BA, the article about the NeuroTour appeared in the brazilian magazin piaui (click here). Bernardo Estevez describes the NeuroTour using a really smart and appealing writing style. Unfortunately, the article is only in Portuguese but Google translate does a pretty good job to get the content.  

Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Magic Montevideo

After a 20h bus ride from Floripa, we arrived in Montevideo. From day one we felt like being at home due to the open and incredibly helpful mindset of the Uruguayos. Patricia Lagos invited us to give a talk at the Universidad Republica de Uruguay in the Facultad de Medicina. Until now, this was by far the funniest and most interactive presentation on the NeuroTour. To be able to continue with the experiments we even had to whistle in order to get the audience out of their scientific discussions about the alpha-waves of their boss.

But it got even better: We finished the presentation with the words 'And we would like to move on now in a VW Kombi, so maybe anyone knows someone who wants to sell his/her bus' followed by a huge laughter. And while I was discussing with Felipe Sierra about the Neuroscience Week in Montevideo, a student gave Geo the contact of his friend who wants to sell a Kombi. With the priceless help of our hosts and their entire family we are now close to continue the NeuroTour to Patagonia in our own vehicle! I hope we could give something back with our 'Action Potentials Served for Dessert'. There, we were performing the experiments with our new friends and also checked how the BYB blink detector could be used as part of a music band :-)


After Sao Paulo, we spend some days at the beautiful beaches in Florianópolis. Of course we didn't just get tanned lazily in the sun but also visited the University of Santa Catarina. Again, thanks to Olavo Amaral we got in contact with Cilene Lino de Oliveira from the Departamento de Ciências Fisiológicas. A long science session (additional fotos here) was followed by lunch with very interesting insights to the brasilian science situation and how it will be essential for the future to focus on low-budget experimental devices to improve teaching while maintaining or lowering the costs. However, due to their inventive and cheerful nature, I'm sure that they will find a way to cope with their problems. Luckily, Cilene was doing her PhD in the same lab as her friend Patricia Lagos, professor at the Universidad de la República de Uruguay.

Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017

Backyard Paulista


Staying @ Nomade in Arte e Hostel in Sao Paolo led to the perfect setting for a real Backyard Brains session. A green oasis in the middle of a 12 million city and a bunch of people who wanted to learn sth about Neuroscience. True the motto 'Neuroscience for Everyone', we were able to explain neuroscientific principles to the Hostel crowd, which had little or none Nsc background. In the end everybody got an idea how neural potential changes can be evoked, displayed, and transmitted. For more pics take a look at their Facebook page.  Now headin' further South!

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

Heeeeelllllooooo Rio and No-Budget-Science

Arriving in Rio, we were welcomed by Olavo Amaral and he showed us around in the city. He invited us to his #7 session of 'No-Budget-Science' ( With some problems in the beginning due to noisy signals we managed to perform all the experiments successfully and got the best alpha-waves so far! Thanks to Olavo for organizing everything and to the other speakers of that session. 

Even more cool news: Bernardo Esteves (the guy on the right on one of our famous selfies), a writer for the brazilian magazin piaui, attended the session and thinks about writing a short article about the 'NeuroTour'. We'll keep you updated :-)