Samstag, 25. März 2017

Montevideo - La Segunda

Hoooola everyone. Back in Montevideo we had to split up the team for a while as the buying process of 'Brunhilde' took a bit longer than expected. But luckily, the waiting time coincided with the beginning of the Brain Week in MV (click here). In a flew market like atmosphere, kids could visit stands to learn sth about Neuroscience. With the help of Sofia Letaief and Alejandra Mondino the BYB NeuroTour stand attracted a lot of people fascinated by the Human-Human-Interface.

Additionally, I visited the Hospital de Clinicas where I teamed up with doctors to record uterine contractions in an noninvasive manner using the BYB muscle spikerbox. In the same floor this was done for the first time over 60 years ago by Roberto Caldeyro Barcia which added a historical background to this incredible experience. This might be the beginning of a collaboration with Prof. Jose Diaz who explained to me the possible usage BYB equipment in Perinatology.
After 7 wonderful weeks in MVideo, I managed to prepare 'Brunhilde' for the adventure Patagonia.

Uterine Contractions!!!!


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